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The Legend of Futian
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NovelThe Legend of FutianThe Legend of Futian
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Chapter 2526 – Ye Futian’s Ambition lucky cagey
“Yes, there is certainly.” Daoist Monk Mu nodded. “I are keeping track of the Deity Map for many years, and my elders told me that my forefathers had been the survivors who after escaped the ancient imperial celestial mountain, and so i was from your alchemical department of your old celestial mountain. I have been searching for the whereabouts with the Deity Guide these several years until I tracked it towards the Breeze Pavilion.”
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Nevertheless, the better ready he found Daoist Monk Mu being, the more happy Ye Futian was. This resulted in he would be generating increased efforts into the Ziwei Segmentum.
“Deity Map is probably not merely a map, but it usually is the true secret to open the traditional imperial celestial mountain / hill,” Daoist Monk Mu remarked to Ye Futian.
“You are growing alchemy for years. You must know a whole lot relating to the alchemy world. I wish to a.s.semble a organization of alchemists. Will you assist me?” Ye Futian believed to Daoist Monk Mu.
Into the Highways and Hedges
With Daoist Monk Mu’s skill, this was not really obstacle. He recognized that Ye Futian was preparing to kind an army of alchemists. The moment he uncovered the ancient imperial celestial mountain peak, he would get the chance to help make the Ziwei Segmentum the most recognized sacred territory for alchemy.
“Depending over the situation. Generally If I can’t resolve it by myself, I may. But if I will take action by itself, why would I consult him for support? While the treasures i surrendered to him are quite important without a doubt, they are certainly not worthy of talking about when compared to medieval imperial celestial mountain peak,” reported Daoist Monk Mu.
“Daoist Monk Mu has dealt together with you ahead of. This guy is quite ingenious. He probably wished to use someone to switch the product outside unnoticed by others. Li Qingfeng was confused by it, in which he almost prevailed. Too poor he met you.” Xi Chiyao smiled. “How is Daoist Monk Mu now?”
With Daoist Monk Mu’s skill, this is not really challenge. He recognized that Ye Futian was preparing to type an army of alchemists. One time he discovered the ancient imperial celestial mountain, he would get the chance to create the Ziwei Segmentum the leading sacred terrain for alchemy.
“Very nicely.” Ye Futian didn’t say something much more and merely nodded. He said, “You are an authority in disguise and concealment. Observe me to Jiuyi Celestial Hill once more.”
“That’s where I would like G.o.ddess Chiyao’s assist,” Ye Futian said bluntly. “There are some deficiencies on the Deity Guide, and I’m guessing it is probably because of some famous or geographic modifications. I would like every guide of the Western side Water Domain from each creation. The greater number of in depth, the more suitable.”
Xi Chiyao ought to be arriving in the near future.
“How well before G.o.ddess Chiyao receives below?” Ye Futian expected.
Ye Futian glanced at Xi Chiyao but did not reject it. Alternatively, he asked via sound transmitting, “How did you realize?”
“Although there had been some situations between us right before, since you now are one people, you don’t should be so formal. You may phone me by my identity.” Ye Futian waved his hand that will put away the Deity Road map, dealing with Daoist Monk Mu all at once.
“You are actually creating alchemy for countless years. You have to know a lot about the alchemy environment. I wish to a.s.semble a crew of alchemists. Will you aid me?” Ye Futian said to Daoist Monk Mu.
“He chosen to enroll in the Ziwei Segmentum,” Ye Futian replied.
Xi Chiyao looked at Ye Futian with all those lovely eyeballs of hers and nodded earnestly. “I will try my ideal. If Renhuang Ye believes that in me, why not proceed to the Western Imperial Palace face-to-face, and we can clear up the trick of the Deity Guide jointly?”
“Precisely,” reported Daoist Mu. Next the flames in the Terrific Route with his fantastic divine consciousness dissipated as the Deity Guide sent back to the way it checked ahead of, floating inside the air flow. Daoist Monk Mu investigated Ye Futian and explained, “Renhuang Ye, you could use it away now.”
If Daoist Monk Mu hadn’t made an effort to benefit from Ye Futian, he would not facing the backlash and instructed to send to Ye Futian ultimately. Whether it weren’t by push, perhaps Daoist Monk Mu would significantly rather expire than surrender.
“Aside from that, I am going to also need some medical elements for refining products, well, i must issues you with the couple of procuring them.” Ye Futian persisted, “Also, in the past in Jiuyi Location, do you along with the pavilion learn of Breeze Pavilion reach some type of commitment?”
Viral buzz! At this point, a fire of your Wonderful Route appeared below the Deity Chart it was actually the green lotus of formation. Nonetheless, even a really bad divine blaze could not inflict any indication of problems for the Deity Chart to signify so it was burnt off.
“Depending over the circumstance. If I can’t get rid of it on my own, I may. However, if I can do it by yourself, why should I request him for aid? Even though treasures that we surrendered to him are really precious without a doubt, they are certainly not truly worth referencing when compared to ancient imperial celestial mountain peak,” reported Daoist Monk Mu.
“Let’s go.” Ye Futian failed to worry solving him because the two went back to Jiuyi Celestial Mountain.
Was this Deity Map this strange?
Now that mayhem abounds, the Ziwei Segmentum, in all of the its originality, have to strive to be even much stronger within the encounter of all the powers of the universe.
The truth was that they had attempted resisting ahead of. But, as he was conquered soundly and agreed to publish, one and only thing kept for him to perform ended up being to get down his pride and do what he was intended to do.
“Mmm.” Daoist Monk Mu nodded. “I have reach a general opinion with Li Qingfeng well before. He let me go, plus i will see the Deity Road map, then work together to fix the mystery with the Deity Chart, and locate the ancient imperial celestial mountain / hill.”
On the other hand, the greater amount of qualified he identified Daoist Monk Mu to generally be, the more content Ye Futian was. This meant that he would be doing greater contributions into the Ziwei Segmentum.
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These kinds of ancient beast was no light creature he was actually a crafty trickster.
Even so, Ye Futian was still not contented.
Though Xi Chiyao was not there, she did actually have experienced every little thing together possess eyeballs and placed the sections collectively accurately. This potential heir from the To the west Imperial Palace clearly had more than ability.
With Daoist Monk Mu’s capacity, it was not just a obstacle. He realized that Ye Futian was preparing to variety an army of alchemists. As soon as he discovered the traditional imperial celestial mountain / hill, he would get the chance to generate the Ziwei Segmentum the premier sacred area for alchemy.

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